The Bronte Foundation was a national, tax-deductible charity established in response to the need for equitable access to effective, humane and dignified treatment. The Bronte Foundation aims to ensure that all sufferers of eating disorders benefit from its life-saving treatment.

Bronte Cullis, whose battle with Anorexia Nervosa was documented by Ray Martin and Channel Nine Australia, speaks of her vision for the Foundation and belief in its work:
No Australian should have to travel half way round the world to receive treatment in order to live. It is so important that sufferers of eating disorders can remain with their families and have access to treatment that is humane, dignified, and works! It is our right to be loved, nurtured and understood. These most fundamental rights should not differ because we suffer from an eating disorder.”

I have spent time with the incredible team at The Bronte Foundation and am overwhelmed by their compassion, understanding and commitment. I have spent time with the families who are receiving their care, and am overjoyed at their triumphs. I believe in this program!

They offer treatment programs for children, adolescents and adults, along with support and education for families, for all eating disorders including obesity related to compulsive overeating.